Why Clients Share All at the Salon – Reason #1

A long time client was sitting in my chair when she suddenly asked me to name three movies involving a salon.  Without hesitation, I responded with four movies off the top of my head:

There’s Truvy’s Beauty Salon in Steel Magnolias … a story of a Southern Belle – Julia Roberts – facing  serious health issues, and the bond between her mother, Sally Fields, and her closest friends, Shirley MacLaine, Olympia Dukakis and, of course, her hairdresser, Dolly Parton.


There’s Moonstruck … a story of brotherly love, as in Cher falling in love with the brother – Nicholas Cage – of her finance – Danny Aiello (while he is attending to his dying mother).


There’s the barbershop in Coming to America … where Eddie Murphy plays 8 different roles.


Ohhhhhhh, and there’s Shampoo, with everyone’s heart throb Warren Beatty.


Wow, what a memory she said.  Did you know there is a series running on BBC called, Cutting It?


In almost the same breath as the question she asked another … Why do our clients feel so comfortable in sharing their tales and other intimacies?  Here are my theories.

Reason #1: A Necessary Release

Many clients come to the salon for an emotional overhaul as much as a physical one.  The moment they sit in the salon chair, it’s as if all the usual social niceties fly out the window.  When they leave, they are amazed to realize they’ve confessed the affair that’s tempting them, the intimate problem that’s been hounding them for years, and moaned at length about their partner’s shortcomings.

Not only do they look significantly better, but they feel so much better for getting all that off their chest. They won’t share with friends and family, but they are comfortable sharing with strangers.  It’s almost as if the captive audience of the stylist or other clients encourages women to lose all their inhibitions and talk about – literally – anything.

Reason #2 … check back soon …

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    1. Bill

      Great Stuff..Salon is fantatic

    2. Leticia Torres

      Talented, Amazingly GIFTED woman that bring every experience there a memorable one.
      I always leave looking and feeling beautiful, refreshed and rejuvenated!
      Cant imagine life without MY Tigers Den Aveda!!

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